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Bathroom Design 101 - Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bathroom Design 101

With today’s high pace lifestyle and current recession, there are less andless inexpensive places to relax and unwind.  One way to get-a-way whilestill staying at home is to turn your bathroom into an in-home sparetreat.   The bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in yourhouse.  It serves as both a place for personal hygiene as well as a spacefor rest and relaxation; therefore a great deal of attention should be given toits overall design.  Not only does remodelingyour bathroom make your home a more relaxing and enjoyable place, it can alsohelp to maximize the return on the investment when you sell your house. 

The cost of bathroom remodeling can be as little or as much as youchoose.  Taking the time to add a new light fixture, a splash of vibratecolor with some glass tile,a new showerhead, glass, granite,marbleor vanity sink,can completely change the look and style of this small room and can be done forunder $1000. 

Many choose to try to make the room larger by knocking down partitions orwalls, especially if you are looking to have separate shower and bathtub. But if the budgetcalls for something less drastic and expensive, try adding an above countersink, stain glass or mirrors.    Think about what your idealbathroom will look like and then prioritize your needs before your wants. This will save you both money and grief in the long run. 

If the budget is tight, you need to figure out how you’re going to financeyour bathroom remodeling project.  You might want to use your savings or geta loan, this will determine what remodeling you will want to do.  Keepin mind, it will always be less expensive if you do not need to relocatethe plumbing fixtures, such as toilets or sinks, so if you are on a smallbudget, it is more economical to blend your currentbathroom layout into the overall new design.

Before beginning the remodeling, you also need to determine whether you'regoing to dothis yourself versus a professional licensed contractor.  Either way,you need to secure a building permit from your local city or countygovernment.  Failure to do so could ultimately make your remodelingproject much more costly due to fines. 

Another way to add new life to your bathroom is to add a second sink, whichis a very popular design trend, allowing two people to use the bathroom at thesame time.  While figuring out what you want in the bathroom, plan and/orconsult with a designer or contractor for new ideas, check out magazinesand cut out pictures of designs that work with your overall ideas andstyles.  It is helpful to contractors and designers if you sketch out ongraph paper what you want your bathroom to look like.  It may seemoverwhelming but remodeling your bathroom will be worth every moment ofpeaceful tranquility in your new relaxing retreat. 

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